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Portuguese personal income tax return: filing season in Portugal in 2021

The Portuguese tax return filing season for individual taxpayers runs from April 1st to June 30th of the year following the one to which the income relates to. The filing season final deadline remains unchanged by the Covid19 measures, being taxpayers obliged to comply as before. In this newsletter we provide the main highlights and concerns taxpayers should be aware regarding this subject, for which RFF lawyers is fully available to assist...
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The UK nationals’ right of residence in Portugal after Brexit (UPDATE 2021)

On January 31 st  of 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) officially left the European Union (EU), being no longer a Member State, being established a transition period until the 31 st  December 2021.
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Real Estate Rehabilitation: Tax Benefits

Recognizing the importance of rehabilitating heavily degraded urban areas, Portugal’s Tax Benefits’ Statute foresees several benefits that aim to encourage the acquisition of property in need of rehabilitation. While these benefits mainly consist of property and transaction tax exemptions, certain CIT and PIT benefits regarding real estate income are also foreseen.
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The Tax Haven List (Update 2021)

In order to tackle international tax evasion and fraud, Governments around the world have been adopting several anti-abuse measures that seek to restrain abusive operations when it comes to income and wealth taxes. As such, and similarly to the European Union and the other Member States, Portugal has an official “blacklist” of jurisdictions whose tax regimes are deemed as clearly more favourable, a list from which the Principality of And...
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The Portuguese tax havens black list (2020 Update)

In the context of the tackling against international tax evasion and fraud, States have adopted several anti-abuse measures aimed at restricting abusive operations in the purview of income and wealth taxation. After several years of an unchanged Portuguese tax haven “black list”, an updated analysis of the European and national panorama is due.
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